Automatic stunning trap V-MATIC

We are proud to introduce V-MATIC, the revolutionary electric stunning system for guaranteed unparalleled performance. The small initial investment required makes this modern, reliable system suitable for small-scale slaughterhouses as well.

V-MATIC uses sophisticated technology for a humane slaughter technique coupled with multiple advantages in terms of quality and cost-efficiency:

  • No operator required;
  • Consistent stunning time animal after animal;
  • Accurate positioning of electrodes to animal head ensures good contact;
  • Animal is immobilized to avoid stress and spasms;
  • No more haemorrhages, blood spots or bone fractures;
  • Meat Ph is kept steady;
  • Handles animals of any weight and size.

V-MATIC uses an innovative process to handle from 20 up to 200 animals/h through the following steps:

Animal enters into V-MATIC; the pneumatically-operated runway lowers until causing pig to lean against the side walls.
The electrodes are now operated: they are brought into contact with animal and begin the stunning process. When finished, a side wall opens to release animal to roller conveyor. After a few seconds V-MATIC is ready for the next animal.

Automatic stunning trap V-MATIC
Automatic stunning trap V-MATIC
Automatic stunning trap V-MATIC
Automatic stunning trap V-MATIC

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