Manual stunning with trap V-MAN

Manual stunning with trap V-MAN

The manual stunning box V-MAN has been designed by Gozlin to immobilize the animal and facilitate the stunning procedure V-MAN is constructed from moulded steel tubing and welded sheet metal.

It is fully hot-dip galvanized for protection. Pig is immobilized as a gate slides vertically along suitable guides and is released through a rotating side wall.

The inner walls that contact the animal feature a nylon lining to provide insulation for more effective stunning All movements mentioned above are operated by pneumatic cylinders.

The opening side wall can be on the right or left side with respect to the entrance.

The system has been designed to create an environment that will not trigger the animal's fear response so as to avoid causing emotional distress to the animal.


The pneumatically operated entrance slide gate is raised to let the animal enter V-MAN.
Once the animal is inside, the operator closes the entrance gate and the animal's head is in the ideal position for stunning. When the animal has been stunned, the operator opens the side wall and the animal will drop outside V-MAN by gravity.

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