Electronic stunner TEQ002

Directive CE 1099/2009 data recorder Electronic stunner TEQ002

TEQ002 electronic stunner for animal stunning through electronarcosis was designed to:

  • Permanently eliminate the microhemorrhages and damages to body organs;
  • Make work easier and reduce manpower;
  • Have an untroubled slaughtering cycle, relaxed animals, and easy hooking;
  • Prevent animal stiffness;
  • Have an easier and perfect jugulation;
  • Have a greater bleeding;
  • Ensure lower PH values and consequently, a higher quality level

It also allows storing the main electric parameter details for each single stunned animal, in full compliance with 1099/2009 EC regulation. .

Technical Specifications:

  • IP55 waterproof containment panel made of coated steel, 40 x 60 x 20 cm;
  • Electronic microprocessor system storing main stunning parameters;
  • Portable memory device able to store thousands of data;
  • Wireless computer connection for data displaying and printout;
  • Display showing stunning current;
  • Button to setup the animal species to be stunned;
  • Button to store batch change;
  • Date and time setup;
  • Twin-function audible and light indicator:
    • Current min. level reaching indication;
    • Alarm for failure to reach current min. threshold;
  • Electric panel with insulation and safety transformer in compliance with IEC 14-6 standards secondary insulation class above 3 KW;
  • Protection against overload and short circuit on tongs and transformer supply circuit;
  • Regulation of output voltage shown on the display (VOLT);
  • Electronic device measuring animal impedance and preventing operation in the event set current value cannot be reached;
  • 16A 2-pole IP65 waterproof IEC socket for tongs connection;
  • Suitable for use with tongs part no. TL002 and pincers part no. PZ004, PZ004L, PZ004C.

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