Electronic goad for the movement of livestock

Electronic goad for the movement of livestock

The Gozlin goad is an indinspensable instrument for the movement of livestock.

A market leader, it was designed and patented by experts who took the needs of the operator into account.

The Gozlin goad guarantees the maximum personal safety to the operators thanks to the two yellow buttons, that must be pressed together in order to operate the device.
This safety mechanism completely eliminates the chance of the device being activated accidentally, thus avoiding harm to people.

The Gozlin goad has been awarded the TUV GS international mark that is awarded only after the passing of numerous electrical safety test.
The device strictly respect the characteristics required by the EEC 73/23 directive.

The goad, despite its considerable power, is supplied by three simple 1,5V alkaline batteries.
It is made in top quality plastic materials, is auto shut-off and shockproof. The Gozlin goad is an inexpensive instrument and extremely simple to use.v/

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