Gozlin was established in 1969. Right from the beginning, Gozlin specialised in the manufacturing of electric and electronic cattle stunning devices.

Thanks to our 30-year long experience in slaughtering and with more than 10,000 units sold both in Europe and in non-European countries, Gozlin is the Italian leader in designing, manufacturing and selling stunning systems.

Our company has progressively developed and has diversified its product range, thus reaching remarkable levels in terms of slaughtering cattle handling and stunning.

After many years spent on designing and planning it, we have implemented an automatic system called "Restrainer" for sheep and pig stunning.

Gozlin avails itself of a modern laboratory and benefits from its professional engineering organisation and production and sales departments, thus offering its world-wide customers continuous and constant support and technical assistance services both before and after the sales, so as to keep a good professional relationship that every customer expects.