Automatic stunning RES 1000

Swine automatic stunning system model RES 1000 up to 250 animals/h.

The automatic stunning system RES 1000 was developed so as to allow slaughtering plants with a production capacity below 250 animals/hour to achieve the same results guaeanteed with the system called RES 2000. In particular:

  • No broken bones, no damaged capillary ;
  • Unchanged pH values;
  • Remarkable workmanship saving ;
  • Possibility of stunning swines of all sizes and weights.
Automatic stunning RES 1000
Automatic stunning RES 1000

RES 1000 consists of:

  • a set of feeding (stunning) belts conveying swines to the stunning area without any stress of excitement;
  • Feeding belts made of highly-resistant polyurethane reticular rubber ensuring perfect washing and improved animal immobilisation;
  • Fixed electrodes carriage for animal stunnning;
  • Manual-controlled opening/closing slides;
  • Electric system with PLC;
  • Stunning switchboard TS700;
  • Running boars to be used in case of a mechanical faillure;
  • Stunning trap (optional);
  • Possibility to connect the stunnning data acquiring system.
In compliance with EEC 93/119 DIRECTIVE

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