Electronic stunner TE002

Electronic stunner TE002

Our new elctronic stunning equipment GOZLIN produces electronarcosis on all animals whilst assuring you.

  • No broken bones, no damaged capillary, veins or other body organs;
  • A quick, easy job with remarkable workmanship savings;
  • Relaxed animal bodies for smotthier slaughtering and easy hooking;
  • No stiff animal bodies;
  • Easier and troublefree cutting of the throat;
  • Complete bleeding;
  • Lower PH and thus enhanced meat quality;
  • All products are CE-certified;
  • Size and dimensions for TE002: L=38 P=23 H=57 - weight 45 Kg.

The equipments may be connected to 4 different types of Knife depending on the animals to be slaughtered for example: swines, sheep, goats, chickens and rabbits, ostrich and so on...

  • Electronic stunner for swines and sheep;
  • Electronic stunner for smaller swines;
  • Electronic stunner for goats;
  • Electronic stunner for chickens and rabbits.

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